Latest Issue: China Strategic Review - May 2019
Release Time:2019-05-08

China Strategic Review - May 2019



Opening Remarks

Strengthing Scientific and Technological Cooperation to Achieve Complementarity and Win-win Situation

Li Changjiu


New Strategy, New Practice

Three Major Issues to Pay Attention to in the New Practice of “One Country, Two Systems”?in Dawan District

Guan Xiuli

Do a Solid Job of Aging Work in the New Era

Huang Yanfen


Progress, Contribution and Looking Forward

The Significance of the “Belt and Road”?Forum for International Cooperation

Yu Sui

A Report and Interpretation of the “Belt and Road”?“Connectivity Index in Five Areas”?Between China and Myanmar (2018)

Chen Yiyuan


Current Affairs, Focus and Comments

The Sprindle, the Flank and the Predicament

--An Evaluation of America’s Policy in the Middle East in 2018

Liu Zhongmin

The Grafted NATO

Ding Yuanhong

Brexit and its Significant Impact

Ding Yuanhong


Themed Studies and Analysis

An Analysis of the Current Changes in the Economic Integration of Asia-Pacific Region

Lu Jianren

Several Obeservations on the Development of Sino-Japanese Relations

Wang Jianmin

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